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  Terminal Views
    Since its opening in October 1983, three separate terminal buildings have served Xiamen Airport. Terminal #1 was constructed during the early days of the Airport's operations, covering a floor area of 6,400 m2. In 1993 Terminal Building #2 was put into service; its 10,000 m2 floor space proved yet inadequate to accommodate the growing stream of passengers. Terminal #3 commenced its construction in 1993 and became operational in December 1996. This new terminal building, designed by East China Design Institute in collaboration with Canada-based B+H Architects, features a linear exterior layout and a sloped roof with a strong South Fujian flavor coupled with modern large-span steel-reinforced concrete open-frame girders. This design, which is a skillful blending of local architectural features with a modern style, received the Golden Award for Architectural Design from the Canadian government; Terminal Building #3 also topped the list of the 10 Best Architectures in Xiamen.
    With a total floor area of 130,000 m2 and a building height of 45.7 m, Terminal #3 consists of four levels - the underground car park, the passengers arrival floor, the passengers departure floor, the commercial mezzanine and the restricted area. This building has an annual handling capacity of 8-10 million passenger-times and an hourly handling capacity of 4,000 passenger-times at peak hours.




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